Rotary Cultivator Accessories Rotary Cultivator For Use In Farmland Scratching.

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Rotary cultivator accessories used for farmland scratching are in the shape of a knife, so it is called a rotary cultivator.

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How to install the rotary blade

1. Outerwear. Except for the two knives at both ends of the knife shaft that are bent inward, the rest of the blades are all facing out.

2. Install inward. All the blades are bent to the middle, and the middle becomes a ridge after tillage, and a groove appears between the two adjacent strokes. Suitable for furrow farming.

Mixed installation:The left and right machetes are staggered and symmetrically installed on the cutter shaft, but the blades at both ends of the cutter shaft are bent inward. It is suitable for surface levelling after tillage and is the most commonly used installation method.


The arrangement and installation of the rotary tiller is an important task. Improper installation will seriously affect the work quality, and due to the unbalanced rotation of the blade, it will cause damage to the parts and increase the vibration of the unit, which is unsafe. Left-curved and right-curved blades should be staggered as much as possible to balance the forces on the bearings at both ends of the shaft. Generally, the blades are arranged in a helix rule. The larger the axial distance on the cutter shaft of the blades that are successively buried in the soil, the better to avoid clogging. In the process of one rotation of the cutter shaft, at the same phase angle, a cutter must be immersed in the soil to ensure the working stability and the uniform load of the cutter shaft. When more than two blades are configured, the amount of soil cutting should be equal, so as to achieve good quality of crushed soil and smooth ditch bottom after ploughing.


1. Driven by a four-wheel tractor or a walking tractor as the main power source, it is a tool for rotary tillage, stubble removal and ridge raising in the field
2. Material selection: 65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 30MnCrB5, 38MnCrB5 are also specially used
3. The hardness is selected in HR38-45, the overall heat treatment, but also partial treatment, the handle is 40±3, the blade body is 48±3


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