Our Team

Team Introduction

Jiangsu Fujie Knife Industry Co., Ltd. is a production and sales enterprise founded in 1999. It produces various types of agricultural machinery accessories, which are used for ridges, deep plowing and soil crushing. A complete range of products, including conventional national standard rotary tiller blades, disc harrows, plough tips, ripper shovels, etc., can also be designed and produced according to the customer's drawings. Adhere to the business philosophy of innovating according to the market and taking the road of high-quality characteristics. Customer demand is our pursuit.

The company's products are displayed to customers through the Canton Fair, foreign exhibitions, and online sales. At present, the product sales have reached 85 countries and regions around the world, and many customers have come to our factory to visit and study.

The company's many varieties of products can meet the needs of various customers. In 2021, the sales will reach $16 million. Among them, the sales of the ripper shovel exceeded $4 million last year. While expanding and expanding products, we have been adhering to the values of integrity, rigor, win-win and gratitude, and strive to become a well-known and world-renowned tool accessories enterprise in China.