Cultivator accessories (for lemken and kverneland parts)

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The products are suitable for deep ploughing and shallow ploughing of various agricultural machinery brands such as Gran, Rackon and John Deere. It is an important component of the plow body, which can easily plow the soil, improve the porosity of the land, and create a good environment for the growth of crops.

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All products are made of high quality boron steel, after forging and heat treatment processing, to ensure that the product has enough toughness and wear resistance. Products are exported to Russia, Lithuania, Spain and other countries, after countless market tests by customers, its work efficiency is first-class.



Tillage is an important practice in agriculture that involves breaking up and loosening soil to create a favorable environment for plant growth. Cultivator accessories play a vital role in this process, enhancing the functionality of various agricultural machinery brands such as Gran, Rackon and John Deere. These accessories are an important part of the plow body and allow farmers to plow the soil easily, improve soil porosity and create optimal conditions for crop growth. In this article, we’ll explore eight key features of cultivator accessories that are essential for efficient, productive farming.

1. Durability: Cultivator accessories are made of high-quality materials to ensure their durability and service life. They are designed to withstand the wear and tear of challenging agricultural tasks, making them a solid investment for farmers.

2. Versatility:
These accessories are compatible with a range of agricultural machinery brands, including Gran, Rackon and John Deere. This compatibility enables farmers to use them with different machinery models, providing versatility and flexibility in agricultural operations.

3. Precise: Cultivator accessories are precisely designed to effectively loosen and aerate the soil. By carefully breaking up compacted soil, these accessories help create the ideal environment for plant roots, promoting healthier, more vigorous crop growth.

4. Efficiency: These accessories are designed with efficiency in mind. They optimize the farming process, allowing farmers to cultivate larger areas of land in less time. With their help, farmers can increase productivity and achieve higher yields.

5. Easy installation: Cultivator accessories are user-friendly and easy to install. They attach quickly and securely to agricultural machinery, ensuring a hassle-free installation. This convenience saves farmers time and energy, allowing them to focus more on their farming tasks.

6. Customizable: Manufacturers offer cultivator accessories in different models and sizes, allowing farmers to customize the equipment to their specific needs. This customization ensures farmers can adapt their machinery to different soil types and farming practices, further increasing their efficiency and productivity.

7. Enhance soil health: The main purpose of cultivator accessories is to improve the porosity of the soil. By creating a loose and well-aerated soil structure, these accessories enhance water penetration, nutrient availability, and root development, thereby promoting overall soil health.

8. High cost performance: Cultivator accessories are great value for money. They are reasonably priced considering the significant benefits they bring to farming operations. Investing in high-quality accessories can provide farmers with long-term cost savings and improved profitability.

All in all, cultivator accessories are essential components for farmers who want to optimize their tillage process and maximize their crop yields. With their durable construction, versatility across various farm machinery brands, and precision engineering, these accessories contribute to efficient, productive farming practices. Ease of installation, customization options, and the ability to improve soil health further enhance their importance in modern agriculture. By integrating cultivator accessories into agricultural equipment, farmers can create the best growing environment for their crops, ultimately achieving successful harvests and higher profitability.


Cultivator accessories have become essential tools for farmers and gardeners to efficiently cultivate their land and achieve optimal crop growth. These accessories are made from high-quality boron steel through careful forging and heat treatment processes, ensuring excellent toughness and wear resistance. Known for their first-class work efficiency, these products have successfully entered many international markets such as Russia, Lithuania, and Spain. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at six major applications of cultivator accessories and highlight their importance in agricultural practices.

1.Soil preparation:
The main purpose of cultivator accessories is to prepare the soil for planting. The sharp and strong blades easily break up compacted soil, remove weeds and debris, and create the ideal seedbed. Whether you plan to grow vegetables, flowers, or even start a new lawn, these accessories will ensure your soil is fully prepared for successful planting.

2.Weed control:
Weeds compete for essential nutrients in the soil, adversely affecting crop growth. Cultivator accessories can effectively solve this problem by uprooting weeds and preventing them from growing back. These accessories feature sharp edges and sturdy construction that significantly reduce the time and effort required to weed manually.

3. Seedbed maintenance:

Maintaining the condition and texture of the seedbed is critical for optimal seed germination and crop growth. Cultivator accessories help break up clods, remove stones, and level the soil. This critical task ensures even seed distribution and encourages even crop emergence.

4. Fertilizer blending:
Effective fertilizer application is critical to ensuring the availability of plant nutrients. Cultivator accessories are good at incorporating fertilizer into the soil, enhancing plant uptake of nutrients and promoting healthy growth. Its durable design allows fertilizer to be distributed thoroughly and evenly, maximizing its effectiveness.

5. Soil aeration:

Healthy plant growth requires well-aerated soil as it promotes root development and microbial activity. Cultivator accessories play an important role in soil aeration by creating evenly spaced holes or furrows. This improves water penetration, nutrient uptake and oxygen circulation, resulting in healthier plants.

6. Overlay merge:
Mulching is a popular technique for maintaining soil moisture, suppressing weed growth, and regulating soil temperature. Cultivator accessories effectively incorporate mulch into the soil, ensuring it is distributed correctly around your plants. This technology enhances the benefits of mulching and improves crop productivity and overall plant health.

All in all, cultivator accessories have proven to be indispensable tools for modern farmers and gardeners. With their versatility and sturdy construction, these accessories cover a range of essential tasks such as soil preparation, weed control, seedbed maintenance, fertilizing, soil aeration and mulch incorporation. These accessories are made of high-quality boron steel, which undergoes rigorous forging and heat treatment processes to provide unparalleled toughness and wear resistance. Its excellent working efficiency has been verified through market tests in multiple countries, making it a popular choice among agriculturists worldwide.

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