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Made of selected structural carbon steel 60SI2Mn.  10×32  type spring for export have a production history of over 25 years and come in a wide range of specifications.  They are well know for their fine workmanship.  Quickly delivery and depend ability in service enquiries and orders are welcome.

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10x32 type spring is driven by a four-wheel tractor as the power source, and is installed with a deep loosening spring handle. It has a good effect of cutting stubble into the soil. It is mainly used for weeding of broken soil after ploughing on dry land. The good working environment of the disc harrow is directly related to the quality of the disc during operation. When working, the rotation plane of the disc harrow is perpendicular to the ground and forms an included angle (declination) with the advancing direction. During operation, each rake blade of the rake group rolls forward with the whole group of the square shaft. Under the gravity of the rake, the rake blade cuts into the soil, cuts off grass roots or crop residues, and makes the chopped clods rise slightly along the concave surface of the rake blade, which has a certain effect of turning over and covering. The harrow depth is related to the machine weight and the disc declination angle. Increasing the declination angle can increase the depth of the rake blade and enhance the effect of breaking and turning the soil. Be sure to read the product instructions carefully before use to avoid mechanical damage and personal injury accidents if you do not understand the structural principle of the machine and do not pay attention to correct operation during use.


The 10x32 type spring is made of high-quality spring steel 65Mn or 30MnCrB5, with good wear resistance and toughness. Heat treatment hardness can reach 42-48°.


10x32 type spring produced by our factory are complete in specifications and varieties. They are matched with manufacturers at home and abroad. The products are of high quality and reasonable price, and are well received by customers!


Packaging and transportation:Wooden cases or cartons + Tito
After delivery:1 year
Qualification certification: IS9001/SGS/

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