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In the field of agriculture. the S-type spring is an indispensable agricultural machinery accessories and its role and importance are self-evident. The spring handle disc harrow can easily till the soil, improve the porosity of the land, and create a good environment for the growth of crops. In addition the spring can also be used for ditching、weeding and other operations. Its versatility makes it widely used in various agricultural operations.

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Our Model S springs are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear. At the same time, the spring design is reasonable, compact structure, easy to operate and maintain. It is suitable for various soil types and various climatic conditions, and can meet the needs of different regions and different crops.



In the agricultural field, the S-type spring handle disc harrow is an indispensable agricultural machinery accessory. Its role and importance are self-evident as it helps in various agricultural operations such as cultivating the soil, improving the porosity of the land and creating an optimal environment for crop growth. Additionally, the versatility of a spring handle disc harrow allows it to be used for other tasks such as trenching and weeding. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the six key features of a spring-tine spring handle, exploring its standout features and why it’s widely used in a variety of agricultural operations.

1. Durability:
The S-shaped spring handle disc harrow is made from top-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. This agricultural accessory is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the field and resist wear and tear, remaining reliable and efficient after extended use. Farmers can confidently rely on the S-shaped spring handle to withstand rigorous farming tasks, helping to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.

2. Best Soil Tillage:
With the S-shaped spring handle disc harrow, soil cultivation becomes easy and efficient. The spring-tine design effectively penetrates into the soil, breaking up clods and soil clumps along the way. This process enhances the porosity of the land, promoting improved water and nutrient uptake, root development, and overall crop health. Disc harrows with spring handles simplify the tillage process, reduce manual labor and save valuable time.

3. Wide application:

One of the outstanding advantages of spring toothed spring handles is their versatility. In addition to soil tillage, this farming accessory is suitable for a range of tasks including trenching and weeding. With specialized attachments installed, spring-handled disc harrows can effectively form furrows or channels for irrigation systems, clearing fields of weeds and unwanted vegetation. The versatility of the S-shaped spring handle makes it a valuable tool for multiple tasks in the agricultural field.

4. Easy to operate:
The S-shaped spring handle disc harrow has a user-friendly design, making it easy to operate and maneuver on various terrains. The spring-loaded handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring farmers can drive the rake easily without fatigue or strain. Agricultural workers can easily install or disassemble the disc harrow without the need for complicated setup or adjustments, thus contributing to seamless agricultural operations.

5. Improve efficiency:
Using spring-tine spring handles can significantly increase efficiency in agricultural tasks. By effectively breaking up clods of soil and removing weeds from fields, this accessory reduces the need for physical labor and harsh chemical intervention. The result is a streamlined farming process that enables farmers to maximize productivity while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

6. Wide adaptability:
The spring-tine spring handle disc harrow has excellent adaptability and is compatible with various agricultural machinery and equipment. This cross-compatibility enables farmers to integrate spring handles with their existing farm implements, ensuring optimal efficiency and resource utilization. The wide adaptability of the S-shaped spring handle facilitates seamless integration with different agricultural processes, making it an essential part of modern agricultural practices.

In conclusion:
To sum up, the S-type spring handle disc harrow is an indispensable agricultural accessory with many advantages. Its durability, optimal soil tillage capabilities, versatility, ease of operation, higher efficiency and wide adaptability make it an important tool for farmers in various agricultural operations. By investing in tine spring handles, farmers can increase productivity, promote eco-friendly practices and ultimately contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector.



Our Model S springs are the epitome of durability and versatility in agricultural equipment. Made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, these spring-tine spring handles are an indispensable tool for farmers around the world. Its rational design, compact structure, and ease of operation and maintenance make it a must-have for any agricultural environment. Let’s explore the eight main applications of spring-tine spring handles.

1. Subsoil scarification: S-type springs are ideal for subsoil scarification purposes. With their sturdy design and adaptability, they easily penetrate even the toughest soils, improving water penetration and root development.

2. Weeding: Our snap-tine handle is proven to be a reliable tool for effective weeding. The spring action helps remove unwanted vegetation, such as grass and small shrubs, without disturbing the surrounding soil.

3. Seedbed Preparation: A well-prepared seedbed is essential for successful crop germination. S-Springs help break up clods, level fields and ensure a consistent seedbed regardless of soil conditions.

4. Mulch Incorporation: Our spring-tine handles perform extremely well when incorporating mulch into the soil. Its design allows for efficient mixing and coalescence of mulch, ensuring proper distribution of nutrients throughout the field.

5. Light harrowing:
For light harrowing needs, our S-shaped springs excel at evenly spreading fertilizer, thereby promoting crop growth and yield. They help create good tillage and promote seed-soil contact.

6. Formation of ridges: For some crops, such as potatoes, the formation of ridges is crucial. Our spring-tine handle helps form ridges, ensuring proper soil aeration and drainage, optimizing crop health and yield.

7. Seed spreading: Achieving even seed distribution is critical for optimal crop density and uniformity. Our Model S springs provide consistent and even seed distribution, maximizing germination rates and reducing the need for additional manual intervention.

8. Orchard and Vineyard Maintenance: Our spring-tine handles are not limited to arable use. It is also very effective in orchards and vineyards, especially for weeding, aerating and removing debris from the ground or fallen fruit.

Overall, our Model S springs are of superior quality and design and are valuable assets in a variety of agricultural applications. They cater to different soil types, different climatic conditions and the needs of farmers around the world. From subsoiling to orchard maintenance, these spring-tine spring handles ensure optimal crop growth, increase efficiency and reduce physical labor. Invest in Model S springs now and see the transformation they bring to your agricultural production.

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If you need to purchase Model S spring, we offer a variety of models and specifications for you to choose from, at an affordable price and with guaranteed quality. The spring matching disc harrows of model S are an important support for agricultural development, which can not only improve the efficiency of agricultural operations, but also improve soil quality and protect the environment. If you need to purchase the spring model S, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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