III.Lawn Mower Blade Installation And Replacement

I believe everyone is familiar with lawn mowers. It is widely used in garden trimming, etc., but at the same time, the installation and replacement of lawn mower blades is also a very important issue. Because the lawn mower works for a long time, it is easy to cause problems such as blade wear and position deviation. Correct installation of the blade can ensure the smooth operation of the machine and avoid problems such as machine vibration and poor trimming quality during the operation.

How to install lawn mower blades:
1. There is a large nut on the blade of the lawn mower to fix the blade. When installing, install the blade on the disc of the lawn mower, and tighten the nut. The tightening torque of the nut is 30-40N-m.
2. After completion, place the lawn mower on a stable surface and slowly pull the rope several times to ensure that there is no oil in the cylinder before starting.
3. Remove the dirt and weeds from the lawn mower blade, blade holder and the interior of the lawn mower, and install the blade holder, blade and blade bolt.
4. Grasp the blade firmly and make sure that the blade touches the advancing surface of the blade. Tighten the blade bolts to a torque of 50-60N-m.


Note: The blade bolt is a special bolt and cannot be replaced with other bolts. When viewed from the bottom up, the blade rotates counterclockwise. When installing, make sure that the cutting edge faces this direction of rotation.

How to replace lawn mower blades:
1. When replacing the lawn mower blade, first take a positioning rod, align the small metal cover on the cutter head with the positioning hole inside, and then insert the positioning rod.
2. Under the blade, there is a larger nut. This nut is used to fix the blade. After fixing the cutter head of the lawn mower, you can use a wrench that matches the cutter head nut to screw the cutter head. Below is the set screw.
3. When the screw fixing the cutter head is unscrewed, you can then take off the metal cover under the screw.
4. After the metal cover is removed, you can see that there is a metal gasket below, and then remove the thicker metal gasket. When the above parts are removed, the blade of the lawn mower can be successfully removed.
5. Next, put the blade to be replaced on the spindle, and then put the parts that fasten the cutter head that were just removed back in the reverse order, and finally tighten the screws, so that the cutter head of the lawn mower Just replaced it.

Post time: Oct-15-2022