I.Classification Of Rotary Tillers

The rotary tiller is the main working part of the rotary tiller. It is directly responsible for ploughing and harrowing the unploughed or ploughed fields through rotation and forward movement, and is an important wearing part. Next, Jiangsu Fujie Knife Industry will tell you how rotary tiller knives are classified?

According to the shape, the rotary tiller is divided into: chisel knife, right angle knife, curved knife, etc.
Chisel: Relying on the front-end pointed or flat chisel to cut into the soil and break the soil, it is suitable for working in vegetable fields and orchards with few weeds. There is also a resilient chisel for working on stony soils.
Right-angle knife: The cutting edge is straight, composed of a measuring cutting edge (longitudinal cutting edge) and a tangential cutting edge (cross cutting edge), the two cutting edges intersect at 90°, the blade body is wider, the rigidity is better, and the cutting ability is strong, suitable for dry land Work.
Scimitar: It is composed of a tangential edge and a measuring cutting edge at the front end. It is suitable for rotary tillage operations in paddy fields with grassy stems. It is a commonly used rotary tiller blade type.


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