II.Adjustment And Use Of Rotary Tiller

Rotary cultivator is a cultivating machine matched with a tractor to complete plowing and harrowing operations. It has been widely used because of its strong soil crushing ability and flat surface after ploughing.

Rotary cultivators are divided into two types: horizontal axis type and vertical axis type according to the configuration of the rotary cultivator shaft. Correct use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is very important to maintain its good technical state and ensure the quality of farming.

Mechanical use:
1. At the beginning of the operation, the rotary cultivator should be in a lifted state, first combine the power take-off shaft to increase the speed of the cutter shaft to the rated speed, and then lower the rotary cultivator to gradually sink the blade to the required depth. It is strictly forbidden to combine the power take-off shaft or drop the rotary tiller sharply after the blade is buried in the soil, so as to avoid bending or breaking the blade and increasing the load of the tractor.
2. During the operation, the speed should be as low as possible, which can not only ensure the quality of the operation, make the clods finely broken, but also reduce the wear and tear of the machine parts. Pay attention to whether the rotary tiller has noise or metal percussion sound, and observe the broken soil and deep tillage. If there is any abnormality, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the operation can be continued after it is eliminated.


3. When the headland turns, it is forbidden to work. The rotary tiller should be raised to keep the blade off the ground, and the tractor throttle should be reduced to avoid damage to the blade. When lifting the rotary tiller, the inclination angle of the universal joint should be less than 30 degrees. If it is too large, it will produce impact noise and cause premature wear or damage.
4. When reversing, crossing fields and transferring fields, the rotary tiller should be lifted to the highest position and the power should be cut off to avoid damage to the parts. If it is transferred to a distance, use the locking device to fix the rotary tiller.
5. After each shift, the rotary tiller should be maintained. Remove dirt and weeds from the blade, check the tightness of each connection, add lubricating oil to each lubricating oil point, and add butter to the universal joint to prevent increased wear.

Mechanical adjustment:
1. Left and right horizontal adjustment. First stop the tractor with the rotary tiller on the flat ground, lower the rotary tiller so that the blade is 5 cm away from the ground, and observe whether the heights of the left and right blade tips are the same from the ground, so as to ensure that the knife shaft is level and the tillage depth is uniform during the operation.
2. Front and rear horizontal adjustment. When the rotary tiller is lowered to the required tillage depth, observe whether the angle between the universal joint and one axis of the rotary tiller is close to the horizontal position. If the included angle of the universal joint is too large, the upper pull rod can be adjusted so that the rotary tiller is in a horizontal position.
3. Lift height adjustment. In the rotary tillage operation, the included angle of the universal joint is not allowed to be greater than 10 degrees, and it is not allowed to be greater than 30 degrees when the headland turns. Therefore, for the lifting of the rotary cultivator, the available screws for use position adjustment can be screwed to the appropriate position of the handle; when using the height adjustment, special attention should be paid to the lifting. If the rotary cultivator needs to be raised again, the power of the universal joint should be cut off.
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